Aria Social Media Marketing & Promotions can help your business be more recognized, on the web or in print media. Aria can target customers in your industry and beyond, engage your customers on a more personal level, assist in the branding of your business and fostering lasting relationships with the consumers.

what sets us apart from many of the other marketing companies is the fact that we always view our clients as an extension of our own business.  

Mary Ellen Aria

Mary Ellen has owned Aria Booksellers since 2002. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Retail/Business, managed a cosmetic counter for 6 years, worked as a Sales Service Rep. in the auto industry for 11 years, taught Spanish to elementary and middle school students for 6 years, since the bookstore brick and mortar closed down, she has developed and enhanced her book business online in an extremely competitive market and has kept her head above water by using social media marketing.


Her creativeness in marketing comes naturally and started back in college when she worked on engaging the student body to come together for entertainment. It moved on in her early career in cosmetics with unique events, then in her community to raise money for schools, The Opera House, and then ultimately putting on large scale events for the community.

Aria Social Media started out as an extension of the bookstore in 2011 and expanded with small independent businesses which ultimately led to working for a corporation.