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Why Do We Need Social Media?

This is a broad question that could be analyzed over and over again, and a question that probably has some of the world divided. None-the-less, it is a question that must be answered by any start up business, corporation, or company that wants to move forward in their marketing goals.

If you were to ask someone why they needed social media 10 years ago, they wouldn't really have an answer because it wasn't something that we needed to understand and/or utilize every day. However today, in 2018, if you are not on social media - whether it is for personal use or use for your business - how do you think your going to connect with your audience/consumers/friends?

There are MANY reasons why we need social media for our businesses. In fact, there are billions of reasons! That is one of the greatest things about social media! It brings together a mix of opinions and opens up a place for dialogue to be shared with the world.

In my opinion, these are three of the biggest reasons why any business would want to utilize social media for their marketing needs:

1. Connectivity

In today's highly Digital world, the feeling of connection with the people and world around us is KEY! We don't want to be just sold a product, we want to have a connection to the brand as well.

2. Market Research

The various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. can provide an abundance of raw data for any business looking to increase sales. Just by being social on social media platforms you an find out what people like, don't like, see what is trending and obtain information about competitors.

3. Transparency / Authenticity

This is a HUGE part of social media!

If your brand is not authentic or transparent to your audience or consumers, you will go nowhere. Period. Consumers today like to feel that the message or advertisement was created just for them. It sounds a little self-centered, but think about it...when you watch a commercial or see any form of an advertisement (traditional or non-traditional) what is the one thing that you are thinking? .... "How does this apply to me??"

- Author: Hattie LeVeque

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